Like in the Dining Room at camp,
Does anyone have any An - no - uncements?


Camp will not be opening again during the current summer Season!   For some reason we think that we felt the dip in the economy a few years before everyone else.  In time, the economy will heal and then we all might again find that camp is a wonderful place for a young person to spend a summer of having learning and having fun.

Another Reunion could be planned for AT ANY TIME... Please let us know...   The reunions in past summers (every year so far there has been some kind of formal or informal reunion planned by Alumni) OR, a few alumni have visited to chat ...have been fun times!  (see the link)!

So far, past campers, staff and friends, have put some kind of fun weekend or week together for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011... and is there one for?  We have no way to send out letters to everyone (with postage and printing costs so high), so many are keeping in touch via web.  Please let us know your email address (call Audrey with it, she would love to hear from you).


FYI - We have just started a web site!  This new web site lists other horsemanship camps, and farms who want to be listed, on it.  It is called:
(or call Audrey up and ask her for information)
if you know of a stable or a camp that might like to be listed then please have them contact us!

Please call, or use the contact page to contact us (thank-you)!