-----   Notice to new or past campers ----

Again this year, due to factors that many of you know about, the economy, situations, etc... We are very sorry to announce again that our summer programs at Camp Catherine Capers will not be available for next year.

However, we do have fun things happening!

Plan for "future Reunions"...  Hmm, why wait?
So far, a reunion has happened every summer.  

Reunion 2010 (camp fire photo above) was one of largest attended, so far.  Alums (alone, with a friend, family and/or with their kids along too) traveled back to camp from all over the world... fun times. 

2011 was fun with more families, friends, friends, friends.

For this year's Runion - please email for information.

Or, if you can't make it, then...
Why not plan to visit us this summer.  We have plenty of rooms available (renting now).  We have changed the office back into a nice cabin to live in with a kitchen, and the infirmary has been changed with a kitchen added too.  Both have outside grills.  The building on the hill are clean and still have beds in them.  Docks and boats are in the water.  In the house the dinning room has been converted into a pleasant area to lounge, watch TV, read a book, etc ?  There are canoes and fun yaks to paddle around with, and you might convince Tom to take you for a boat ride or even a water ski...

The  Audrey and Tom will be living in the Main House still and have everything set up wishing for old friends and campers to come by and visit.

Please do call us for suggestions and help with your wish to locate to a new or different camp for your daughter. Always look for an American Camp Assoc Accredited camp.  It is also a benefit to have it CHA Certified as well.  We will soon post a few links to other camps who wish to have a listing on a site we just put up called "Horsemanshipcamps.com".  There is a link to that site from the original Camp Catherine Capers site (the CCC site will continue to exist for the present time)!

We are planning to set up a newsletter sign-up web page for those that wish to be kept in touch with camp alumni related news!  So - stay tuned for that (it took us a while to update this web site, so please bear with us and check back here once and a while for changes and additions)!   If any Alumni wish to help or give us suggestions for this site, then please let us know!     

Please visit Aud's sharings (a letter to you all)!

  Camp is waiting for your visit at:

                              127 West Lake Road, Wells, VT  05774

These phone numbers are available year around!

Or please use the contact page to contact us (thank-you)!

Happy Trails !!