Aud's Sharings!

Hi Everyone!

We Miss You...!    Your gracious letters and calls are wonderful and bring both laughter and tears.  Thanks so much for taking time to say all of these memoriesI

Late to post this, but Tom passed away on July 20, 2013.  He is missed by all.


I am thrilled to hear that so many campers and staff still have taken the CCC challenge  in our last letter to  you all.  The goal to direct ones activities  while at school, work or play to enhance the lives of other people  has been accepted by many CC  Caperetts !!!. Some have changed after school activities to those which are helpful. Some have changed their jobs to more rewarding ones.  Some are even rethinking their career paths.  They are all looking at who they are and what directions and decisions  will fulfill these goals.  It has always been all about "caring" !

How about all that??!!  Here's to  "The Spirit of The Mirror" !!!   Keep at it , everyone!  We are making a difference wherever we go. Tell us your stories . Bring them to the reunion !

                                REUNION Plans for ???   Anyone want to do it again, soon !!

All are welcome to visit camp as we are keeping the property  for all to enjoy.

As was the case with the Reunion 2008 dates... maybe a weekend in JUlLY is the best time for everyone to come (as then if everyone plans around these dates, that there will be others there when you visit)...  OR feel free to come ANYTIME with Family or Friends.

                When you visit.... or during a reunion...

  Campfires on the hill to be held (or inside the riding arena that worked out well in 2009 for a camp fire inside WHERE we actually had a fire as we found out this is possible with the indoor!

 Any reunion is a co-op weekend !! The camp property does not have cooks, cleaners, or  program counselors, so we have all this to do by the folks who come. We hope some will come early  and join in the planning.

Arrive as you can, and when you can!  Please tell us your plans.

Things to do -  

                Riding at the local Pond Hill Ranch, at Thornwood, or Birch Hill
                Golf at the Lake St. Catherine Country Club
                Swimming, (or use the canoes, fun-yaks, and water toys)
                Volley ball net will be set up in the playfield!
                We will have the disk or fizzbe course set up as well!
Are you really ready for this?  
                        Camp will have --
                                              no "cooks", 
                                                      no "counselors"
                                                           no "clean up staff"
           (so bring MOM, and show her how you can all do capers on your own)!

There is no charge at all for "REUNION WEEKS or RUNION WEEKENDS".  Any other times we might have other guests.    All of us will need to bring some food, or join in on a shopping party and take turns cooking and dish washing.   We all will have to set up everything and organize the fun, and do the capers!   We will all help as we all go running around and doing what we do.    It will be good to see you all!

Also:   Some campers from last year, are thinking of coming at another time in August and putting a group together to stay at camp! Drivers and chaperones are needed.

Please call, or write, and let me know your thoughts and ideas!


Please use the contact page to contact us (thank-you)!