--> The "office " is now  a lovely cabin with a brand new kitchen (cooking grill outside), two bed rooms and a living room area...  for you and your family to rent !!

At one time our "former office (converted from a living facility)" it for years housed CIT's and Campers and was called "the Cabin" !  And for those who did not know, the "cabin" was rented to a family in the 1960's for a year or two. They enjoyed playing tennis, swimming, using the campfire circle, and they also brought their own watercraft for the enjoyment of the lake.  The "cabin" will be available with one or two bed rooms, small kitchen, and a living room.

Please contact us or call for pricing.    802-645-0216

--> Also being rented will be the infirmary building with 2 bed rooms and a full bathroom with a small kitchen and a cooking grill outside.

The old campfire circles are there too... waiting for an evening of songs or just to have a camp fires to put funny white things on a stick and try not to burn them too bad... hmm add crackers and a chocolate bar and what FUN.

Note:  The old infirmary, could be rented with the "cabin" and that would make 3 bedrooms, a small summer kitchen, a living room (and just outside is place to have a campfire)!  This would be nice for a larger family..

 Call us year a round at 802-645-0216

Summer address:  New 911 address - so please call... or write to winter address.

Please use the contact page to contact us (thank-you)!