REUNIONS are planned 100% by Alums... Come anyway, we would love to see you!

The 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Reunions (2013-14 were friend who dropped by to say hello.  Any visits were a good time.  Alumni reunions by those that visited over the entire weekend are a bit complex to plan as everyone has to bring their own stuff.  With a campfire with good weather on the hill to close it out.  Some came alone, some planned to meet old friends and arrived at the same time, some took a plane, a train, a taxi, and others drove.  At past reunions many brought their young children and the hit was catching the little fish around the dock by hand with a net.  Wide eyes.

Remember - for future Reunions -  LET's do it again sometime soon... or if you want to drop by any time...

Things to do -      FRIENDS, FRIENDS, FRIENDS...

Also if you want -

  • Riding at the local Pone Hill Ranch, at Thornwood, or Birch Hill (please make arrangement with these folks if you plan to ride).   We will supply contact information if you let us know that this is something that you would like to do.
  • The Tennis court (might be waiting if we can put it back together, there are others)!
  • Golf at the Lake St. Catherine Country Club  - There is an 18 Hole golf course that is full of hills.  Greens Fees are very affordable.
  • WaterFront (no life guards, so everyone is on their own)  Swimming, (or use the canoes, fun-yaks, and water toys),  Waterskiing (let us know if you are interesting in skiing),  Sailing if there is any wind...
  • Volley ball net will be set up in the playfield!
  • We will have the disk or fizzbe course set up as well!
  • CAMPFIRES on the hill... with you know what (SM_______s)!   Singing maybe?

Are you really ready for this?                     

                    So far, at all reunions, camp will have --
                                              no "cooks", 
                                                      no "counselors"
                                                                no "clean up staff"

AND it has been working out great (bar-B-Q, grilling, lake side picnic, etc)

So, bring a sleeping bag, or some bedding!  We can all do capers on our own, "a team effort"!

There is no charge at all for the week, or the weekend.  However,  This is a co-op weekend and all of us will need to plan on bringing some food, or maybe planning to join in on a shopping party (and well have a cooking party)!   We all will have to set up everything and run some programs (nothing will be planned other than what the folks that are arriving can think up ether then or ahead of time)!    Oh, who is going to figure out any capers teams?   We will help as we can, running around and doing what we do.    It will be good to see you all!

Also:   Some campers from last year, are thinking of coming at another time in August and putting a group together to stay at camp!   Drivers and chaperones are needed.

Please call, or write, and let me know your thoughts and ideas!

Please call, or use the contact page to contact us (thank-you)!